“That was exactly what I needed.”

Living in New York City it is hard to find authentic voices to be around. It is refreshing to hear an authenic voice with a modern perspective.

— G.K.

“It was like ten years of therapy in one session.”

I've been in therapy since I was a kid. I don't know why it has to be so difficult when things can be so much more simple. These sessions keep things simple. 

— A.C.

Anchoring the divine feminine in a modern perspective.

— @MindfulMoody


“You don't realize you are being guided until you realize you are being guided.”

My spiritual awakening crawled up behind me. I thought I knew everything until I realized life was just beginning. Every time I thought I had it, I was wrong. It became a continuous ego kill. Working with Alexandria kept me grounded while I explored unorthodox areas of my mind and asked existential questions. She helped guide me in a way that I didn't know I needed.   

— L.G.


In one Time 2 Cancel session I was able to cry about my sister dying when I have been blocked for years. After a few sessions together, I quit smoking and became a vegetarian. 

— M.L.


“There is a realness to what Alexandria says during her sessions. You just can't make this sh*t up.”

— J.T.

“High five to opening my third eye!”

— S.L.


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