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G U I D E  C R E A T O R

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  WAYSHOWER Ambassador of Light

Modern Mystic Mindfulness Trendsetter


Living Light

I want to share with you the lessons that I have learned, the knowledge that I have obtained and the love that I have experienced. I am here to serve you.


M U S I C //
It’s a big part of my journey so let me tell you about it a bit.

My First Album

It’s taken me 10 years to manifest the right team to birth my first music baby. Currently I am working with producer, Taylor Ryan out of Butter Sound & Music in Soho, New York City. This is a concept album that is written consciously to provide healing to the listener without compromising on commercial sound appeal. It should be released before the end of this 2019 year. Stay tuned for more info!

My story started when I was a kid weaving in and out of prestigious spots such as Lincolin Center and Sony Music as a performance vocalist, singer-songwriter and sound production work. I then studied at Berklee College of Music where I was able to build a name for myself as “DJ Tava Luv” as a club, fashion and special event dj. During my career as a DJ I was able to see just how music brought people together.

Later on after experiencing some trauma in my life and feeling completely over traditional therapy, I turned inward. This is when I learned yoga, meditation and mindfulness. After overcoming my own personal hardships, I decided I would share it with the world through music too!



Is in the beginning stages. Our mission is to provide a platform that offers music makers toolkits to create positive sound experiences. Our hope is to build and unifty. We believe in the power of choice and therefore instead of telling you what we think we you should do, we hope to empower you to choose love. To learn more, please visit our website here.


Throughout history music has been the universal unifier and peacemaker for all living things. That is Choose Love Music’s goal, to unify. How we plan on doing that is through a performance series called Jam For Love that will work as a template in communities. Our hope is to be able to spread love while sustaining the unquieness of all individuals who part take. No two performance experiences will ever be the same.


M I N D F U L N E S S //
Certified Holistic Healer + Mindfulness Coach

I started my spiritual journey when I was in my early twenties after undergoing cervical cancer. I was tired of traditional medicine so I started to explore meditation and yoga. Because of my background in the music industry, drugs and alchol were easy escape routes for the pain that I had felt from being sick. After failed relationship after failed relationship and a lifestyle as a DJ, my path brought me to mindfulness.

I became certified in Akashic Field Therapy and worked with over 133 clients aging in all demographics. I have a 98% success rate. Because I do not believe that one way is the answer for all, I have constructure a program that I found works for you because you are different from the other person. Healing requires unquieness. It requires will power and not nesscessarily time. The idea that you can’t recover quickly from a heartbreak or sickness is an old way of thinking. In this new age, we know that we are the creators of our reality and therefore what you truly desire will manifest. I am only a guide for you along the way…don’t forget that.



Is a 3-stage pathway that goes beyond holistic healing —it offers skillsets, transformation, creativity and joy.



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Whether you just had a spiritual awakening or desire for more meaningful in life, Stage 1 - To Reveal offers valuable information to build a basic foundation to your journey forward.



Dealing with the shadow side of ourselves is never fun but what if we tried to make it a little less scary and a little more exciting. In Stage 2 - To Resolve, you will recieve accredited healing work to clear what is holding you back from living your authenic life. You will learn skillsets that teach you how to do this work for yourself which I have found buils the best self confidence!


adult-chill-computer-450271 (1).jpg

This is my favorite stage because it’s all about creativity baby! In Stage 3 - To Reinvent, we get innovative together. Here we do one-on-one work figuring out how you can move forward as the new you. What life choices to you want to make. What new hobby do you want to try? How can you shine brighter in the life now that you have cleared some space?



I have seen how our sessions have evolved and how transformative it has been for me going from intuitive to spiritually awaken!
— Rosabelis, CUNY Student.
I used to perform standup comedy but my Bi-polar got in the way so I stopped. The Process Program got me balancing my Bi-polar and performing again.
— Alice, Standup Comedian & Accountant
I never realized that all I had to do was get out fo my own way. Now I have the skillsets to perform healings on myself daily - whenever & wherever.
— Julia, Financial Planner
The Process Program opened me up to creativity and helped me to revamp my business into a mindfulness business. Today we go green!
— Deidre, Owner of The Wag Shop


Thanks for swinging through my website. I am Alexandria Tava, a singer-songwriter, mindfulness trendsetter + healer. I have a Leo sun and Libra Moon sign making me super ready to get down to the point of how we can make life lighter for you. I have been through quite a bit in this lifetime which is why I’m a millennial and have bunch of ancient wisdom. I know it is apart of my mission to pass that on to you and I look forward to it everyday I wake up.

One lesson that I have learned so far is that everytime I think “I know” something, the universe pulls the grounding right from under my feet. One mantra that I use regularly is “I Know Nothing”. This mantra allows us to continually make space for new information to come into our field. Another lesson that I have learned is that it is about the “process” and not the outcome. This is why I have the “Process Program” (AH! It all makes sense now!)

Hey, listen! Some of us have incarnated to help others along the way of their awakening journey and I happen to be one of them. Let’s make this less scary and more exciting. You ready to make yoga and meditation into a party experience? I am!!! So lets connect and get going. Talk Soon